Pleasant Grove Baptist Church
Monday, August 15, 2022
Live, Strive, Share

PGBC Bible Quiz:

Many of our Youth are involved in the PGBC Bible Quiz Team. Bible Quiz is a discipleship program aimed to entice:

Teens - Grades 6 - 12 (Berean & Scholar) / Juniors - Grades 3-5 (Apprentice) engage in God's Word through study and competition in the Carolina's.
The PGBC Team is a member of the Carolina Quiz League (CQL), which is an interdenominational Bible quiz Carolina Quiz League - CQLleague.  They are a non-profit organization who's main purpose is to provide an excellent opportunity for young people, to attain an in-depth understanding of the Bible, (that is what Bible Quizzing is all about).  Teen Bible Quiz is available to grades 6 through 12th, and Jr. Quiz may also be available for 3rd through 5th graders.
For more information about the Carolina Quiz League, please visit their website!
Anyone interested in more information or finding out how to join the team next fall should contact
Mrs. Gail Chassevent