Pleasant Grove Baptist Church
Monday, August 15, 2022
Live, Strive, Share
 Pleasant Grove Baptist Church - A Rich Heritage
Original Building - Harmony ElementaryPleasant Grove's rich heritage began with prayer, the leadership of the Holy Spirit and the dedication of 86 "Sold Out" believers in 1961.
The first meeting was held in Harmony Elementary School building which was graciously donated by two of our founding church members. Throughout our church's 56 year history, Pleasant Grove has been blessed with passionate leadership in the Godly pastors of Rev. Ben Williams, Dr. Jim Oglesby, Rev. Jake Thornhill, Dr. Tony Beam, and Rev. Philip Whitt.
Under the leadership of the Holy Spirit, Pleasant Grove Baptist Church has grown from the old Elementary School House to a 62,000 Square Foot Facility that has a 900 seat worship capacity, educational buildings for all ages, fellowship halls with a commercial style kitchen and a full size gymnasium. PGBC Today
Today, God is still honoring the prayers of His people. 
We are very grateful for all the wonderful things God has done and will do in the life of His church. And we know, if we keep our eyes on Jesus (the Author and Finisher of our Faith), the best years are still to come. Praise be to His glorious and matchless name.